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Three Superb Sprint Interval Workouts To Achieve Your Best Body

Final Thoughts:

To use this evidence to get your own results, consider the following energy-system principles:
• Volume and intensity are inversely related. Make sure you maintain sprint quality and avoid the critical drop-off point where you get diminishing returns.

• In PICP 3, we teach this model for anaerobic power with fat loss: 9 X 30 seconds, 7 X 45 seconds, and 5 X 70 seconds.

• In PICP 3, we teach this model for anaerobic capacity and fat loss: 6 X 70 seconds, 4 X 90 seconds, and 3 X 120 seconds.

• Plan your sprint sessions separately from your lifting workouts—don’t do them in the same session, and ideally, do them on separate days.

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