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Three Superb Sprint Interval Workouts To Achieve Your Best Body

#2: The Strength Athlete: Improve Power, Conditioning & Anabolic Response

If your primary goal is to improve peak power and anaerobic conditioning, shorter intervals with less rest are the way to go. These models are ideal for combat athletes like wrestlers, judokas, and MMA fighters, but they could also benefit the strength trainee who just wants to be more athletically awesome. With a killer anabolic response, these short but sweet workouts will help you build muscle and get cut.
Try six to ten repeats of 35-meter all-out sprints with 10-seconds rest. That’s what competitive wrestlers did twice a week for 4 weeks in order to achieve the following benefits:

• Increased maximal power by 5 percent. A similar study by judokas showed increase peak power of 16 percent.

• Higher maximal work capacity by 32 percent as seen with an increase in the ability to go all out on an exhaustive test from 356 to 471 seconds.

• Higher testosterone and a decrease in cortisol of 12.6 percent. A more favorable testosterone to cortisol ratio that indicates anabolic adaptations.

It’s too bad that the researchers in this study did not measure changes in body fat or lean muscle mass, since the wrestlers may well have improved body composition given the enhanced anabolic response. Try this model if you already have a base level of conditioning and want to maximize power and lean muscle development.

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