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The Flat Butt Fix

4. Pretend Workout Volume Doesn’t Matter

Women tend to believe that if they don’t have fifteen exercises lined up on their agenda, they won’t accomplish anything. Kill that belief. Effective workouts don’t have to mean rotating back and forth from one exercise to another in a state of breathlessness.

When it comes to the glutes, simple workouts can work wonders. One or two extremely effective glute exercises may be all you need.

Note: If your glutes aren’t tight and numb from the first exercise, and you can still get a good mind-muscle connection with them, then throw in a couple more glute-specific exercises.

But if you trained them so hard during the first exercise that they’re going to be useless on all other exercises, stop there. An effective butt-focused workout may only last 15 to 20 minutes and consist of one killer exercise.

5. Recruit Glutes First on Leg-Day

On your other lower-body day (leg-focused day), start with something glute-intensive. Bodybuilders often use this technique when trying to build up a body part. They train first what they’re wanting to build most.

Don’t try to demolish the glutes here, just pump some blood into them. Remind your body what it feels like to activate them before you get started on your other compound lifts.

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