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The Flat Butt Fix

7 Tips and Techniques For Building Your Butt


1. Make Butt-Day Somewhat Instinctive

The goal is to tax the heck out of your glutes, not your entire lower body. So if you do a glute-intensive exercise, pump a ton of blood into the area, and then can’t get a mind-muscle connection with your glutes anymore, call it a day there, or move on to a finisher, HIIT, or abs.

Otherwise, if you keep working lower body, you’ll just go through the motions of your leg exercises and continue training yourself to rely on quads and hams.

2. Feeling the Muscle Work is Key


On butt-day, start with several sets of hip thrusts (back on bench) or glute bridges (performed without a bench). Pause at the top until you feel a very strong contraction in your glutes.

Play with speed. A slow eccentric (negative) can help you feel the muscles working. Foot placement matters, so adjust your feet until you feel it.

Make sure that no rep is wasted. Your goal is to pump blood into your booty so that it feels numb, tight, and pumped afterward. If you feel the tightness primarily in your hams, readjust your form.

3. Pretend Numbers Don’t Matter

The purpose of butt-day exercises is not to PR. Think of butt-day as bodybuilding, not powerlifting. Remember, hypertrophy training is about feeling the muscle work, not moving a certain weight from point A to point B.

Control the weight. Try to make yourself feel every second that you spend with your hips under the bar. The weight on the bar is only there to make the work harder. It’s not there for bragging rights. Bragging rights will come in the form of yoga pants, “belfies” and your own self-assuredness.

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