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The Flat Butt Fix

Pancake-Ass Prevention

So if you’re prone to building thicker legs, the answer is not to stop training lower body, or to go at it timidly with little pink dumbbells. The answer is to aggressively train your glutes.

A butt-day is in order: a glute-specific workout in which your hams and quads are not taxed nearly as much as your glutes.

Give glutes priority. They’ll grow as a result, and by growing them you’ll improve the look of your entire body – not just what’s below the belt.

The Case for Butt-Day

People who work out for aesthetic purposes commonly focus on one or two body parts during a workout, but why aren’t glutes one of those body parts? Developed glutes are critical for female competitors, and they look phenomenal on the bodies of non-competitors.

Is it because they’re often difficult to isolate? Well, think about it: the anterior delts get hit on chest day, and the posterior delts get hit on back day, and yet many bodybuilders still have a dedicated delt-day.

Last I checked, glutes were bigger than delts. All the more reason to train glutes on their own, even if you inadvertently hit other muscle groups in the process.

You might be thinking, “Why isolate glutes if you can get a bigger bang for your metabolic buck by training your entire lower body?”

Three reasons:

  1. If you weight train 5-6 days a week, then a glute day is worth the investment because it’ll help activate your glutes when you’re training your entire lower body with compound movements.
  2. The bigger the muscle group you’re training, the more taxing the workout is. The assorted musculature of the butt is large, and if yours happens to be dormant then you’re wasting a lot of time doing exercises that could be more effective if they included your glutes.
  3. The glutes are central to your overall appearance, literally. Butt-day will help eliminate the gluteal fold by lifting the glutes.

If you’re a physique athlete, remember that bikini and figure competitions are often won and lost by glute development or the lack thereof. Judges will notice a gluteal-fold that looks like a double chin. Diet is part of that, but you’ll also need dedicated glute training to bring it all home.


Butt-day isn’t for everyone.

If you’re a beginner or your weight training is limited to three days a week, then no, taking up gym time with a butt-specific day would not be ideal. You’d get more out of whole-body workouts that tax multiple muscle groups.

If you’re a competitive strength and power athlete then it might not be a good investment of your time. Though remember, even male powerlifters use glute-specific exercises if glutes are a weak link the chain.

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