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10 Top Affordable Protein Sources


  1. Canned Tuna [40g protein per can]
  2. Eggs [6g protein per egg]
  3. Pork Mince [20g protein per 100g]
  4. Chicken Breasts [31g protein per 100g]
  5. Frozen Wild salmon [25g of protein per 100g]
  6. Peanut butter [23g protein per 100g | 5.3 protein per serving]
  7. Greek Yoghurt 2% [10g protein per 100g]
  8. Milk 3% fat [8g protein per cup]
  9. Canned giant beans [6g protein per 100g, 15g per can]
  10. Whey Protein [1 scoop of whey is 25g in which around 20g, depending on the brand, is protein] At two scoops a day a 10lbs or about 4.5kg container will last you around ten weeks.

If you buy discounted meat with 30% off you’ll save a significant amount of money. There is nothing wrong with meat that was full price yesterday and is discounted today. The clever thing to do is to buy in bulk whenever there is special offer or a promotion and freeze the meat. Make your own burgers from pork or turkey mince and freeze them for a later date. Meat can be frozen for up to two months just make sure you separate the portions so you don’t have to defrost the entire container – once you defrost something you can’t put it back in the freezer.

When it comes to dairy, buy low fat milk and yoghurt simply because you don’t need the extra calories. If you are skinny and you need to gain weight go for full fat. If you drink a litre of full fat milk a day it’ll help you gain higher muscle mass.

Frozen wild salmon isn’t all that expensive especially if you wait for better offers at the nearest supermarket. Try to buy wild salmon and have it at least once a week with rice and steamed vegetables. You can also find it canned which will be an even better option than tuna. Also keep in mind that tuna is high in mercury so it may not be a good idea to eat more than 250g a day.

Beans may not be everyone’s food of choice but they are cheap, accessible and easy to make (re-heat in the microwave and you are done). Cans of giant beans in red sauce are the perfect quick, cheap, nutritious meal to have during the week with whole wheat tortillas. A plate of hot, giant beans + 2 tortillas will give you 25g of protein.

When it comes to protein powder bodybuilders buy, most people are skeptical. Most people do not intend to get bulky and anything that comes in powdered form, comes with its own set of question marks attached. The truth is however that there is only so much you can physically eat all day and still have time for a life. This is why we looked at protein powders.

Whey protein which is in fact a by-product of cheese production and that seemed to make more sense than some of the more medically formulated options available. There are different types and health claims (anti-inflammatory or anti-cancer properties) attributed to whey protein powders and there aren’t any actual drawbacks to speak of except of milk allergies some people might experience. It can be used as a supplement for post-workout protein blends, blended with a low fat yoghurt, fruit or berries of any kind it counts as a micro-meal. Basically, that’s just enriching an ordinary yoghurt with high amounts of protein. Ordinary whey protein is preferable here to any super mixes or engineered formulas.

For a great taste and the feeling of satisfying your hunger try low-fat Greek yoghurt. You can eat it with a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled over the top and it’s an awesome hunger-killer.

The more muscle you have the more calories you burn daily – muscle is kind of high maintenance energy wise. People who try to lose weight often overlook the importance of muscle growth that will actually aid them in burning the fat later on. If you are afraid to get bulky make sure you get enough cardio in your training. As your body optimises the muscle density is not going to increase so you stay lean. Long distance runners can’t get huge muscle because of that, for example.

Your body is smart and it optimises itself for the lifestyle you lead. If you eat carbs and sit on your arse all day long it’ll take the shape of your sofa. If you run daily and you eat protein you’ll get a lean muscled body. It’s very smart that way. If growing big muscles and gaining weight is your goal you’ll need to eat extra high protein meals during the day for higher calorie intake. The more calories you eat the more building material you’ll have.

If you need to lose weight protein diets are the best. Low calorie diets may work fast but you lose too much muscle in the process and then gain fat back a lot faster. If you keep your meals high protein and low fat you’ll not just lose weight but you’ll get to see the muscles you already have. Long-distance runners usually carry an extra few pounds for their long runs but if they need to drop them they often use protein diets to shed the weight.

via Neila Rey – 10 Top Affordable Protein Sources.

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