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The Top Ten Priorities For Sustainable & Effortless Fat Loss

#7: Sleep enough/Stress less.

Sleeping well is really important for fat loss because without it, you won’t get the large fat burning growth hormone release, which occurs when we sleep. In addition, lack of sleep is stressful: It leads to an increase in the hormone cortisol and a decrease in your body’s sensitivity to the hormone insulin.

Problems with blood sugar follow, as does a cascade of changes in other hormones, such as testosterone (important for body composition in both men AND women), melatonin (needed for sleep), and leptin (keeps you from getting crazy hungry).

Finally, neurons in the brain die off, which means the neurological connection from your brain that tells your muscle to fire is not as strong. Lack of sleep is like the opposite of strength training for the body—it literally reverses all the amazing things that lifting does for you!

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