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The Top Ten Priorities For Sustainable & Effortless Fat Loss

#6: Eat vegetables at every meal.

Do you have to eat vegetables to lose body fat?

No, of course not, but let’s try to convince you: Vegetables go a long way towards filling you up, providing a boatload of key nutrients to support everything from tissue repair to immunity. They also improve mitochondrial health, which can be suppressed on a high-protein diet.

Plus, they give meals texture, color, and best of all, FLAVOR.

For the lowest carb veggies like leafy greens, broccoli, asparagus, and cucumbers you pretty much have a free for all and can eat as much as you want. Higher carb veggies and fruits, such as berries, starches, and peppers can help satisfy carb cravings and be used to jazz up meals.

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