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The Top Ten Priorities For Sustainable & Effortless Fat Loss

#5: Do intervals or strongman workouts.

Adding a few sprint interval or strongman workouts to your training is an easy way to accelerate fat loss. Anaerobic-style exercise such as sprints don’t have a catabolic effect like steady state cardio does, so you won’t lose muscle.

Plus, although they are stressful, anaerobic training elicits a robust fat burning hormone response in the form of elevated growth hormone and testosterone. The key is to make sure you are able to recover effectively when you throw in weight training workouts and the stress of daily life.

If you’ve got a pretty low-stress life, you could lift weights 4 days a week and do sprints 2 days, doing sprint workouts separately from your weight workouts and keeping them to less than 30 minutes.

But, if you’re under a lot of stress and/or not sleeping well for 7 to 9 hours a night, you probably don’t want to do more than 4 workouts total a week. You could do 4 weight workouts, or if you like sprinting, you could do 2 weight workouts and 2 sprint workouts.

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